A prayer for my single girl friends ❤️

I was not the kind of girl that was always thinking about one day getting married, have babies, and live with my husband happily ever after. Of course I wanted to get married at some point, BUT I had fears and insecurities that would not allow me to jump freely to the “I want to get marry ASAP” pool.

Many of us, when single, start praying for our husbands and we have this list of things that we would love to see in him. And God, because He is a good Father and He is faithful gives us a man that surpasses all of our prayers.

And what I’ve been reflecting since I got married is that sometimes we get SO trapped in thinking about the other person, and how we want HIM to be, and our marriage to be, and our family to be. But we totally forget to see INSIDE of US, to think, reflect, PRAY and have a LIST of things that WE want for OURSELVES. I’m not talking about being selfish and stop praying for that man that God WILL place in front of you. I’m talking about praying for HIS wife too, for the woman that is going to walk WITH him in his everyday life, in his ministry, in his good and not too good times. I’m talking about praying for YOU, to become the woman that God is calling YOU to be as a wife, as a future mom, and more important than everything, as God’s daughter.

“Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone. I will make him a helper suitable for him.”

Genesis 3:18

I completely understand that not every single woman is called to be married, but if God put a desire in your heart to one day get married, my prayer for you is that you will TRUST God with all your heart for your future husband, that you will stop worrying and waiting for that man to come, but that you will start walking with God towards where He is calling YOU to go. I pray that you will allow God to transform you from the inside out, that you will open your hands to the present that He has for you, and that you will ENJOY and wear your singleness every day. I pray that God will prepare you for that day and when the RIGHT time comes, you will celebrate God’s sweetness deeply inside of YOU.

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