A Letter to Justice-seekers

Dear Justice-seeker:

You are probably frustrated with the events of injustice, and hatred. Well aware that Charlottesville is acquainted with racism and murder. I know you might be eager to take on the streets, or express your frustration to the four winds. But before you do, please pause with me, let us reflect in the One we claim true Justice remains.

The Christ, as recorded by St. Mark Ch. 1; was the One that brought the marginalized to heights, centered the ostracized, and heal the ones deemed unclean by society.

But though Justice was brought to Capernaum, through the miracles performed by the son of God; Messiah chose to withdraw once more to a desolate place to encounter God. He very well knew, He couldn’t go on unless He was fueled by the Father’s voice.

True Justice then flowed from intimacy, then Jesus poured out from what He was filled!

So do not be afraid to approach His face, remember His Justice forever remains. Let us then withdraw to the secret place, so that we can pour Justice to a hurting world; for only His Spirit, not ours, heals.


A Justice-seeker

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