Is not about “the hows”, but “The Who”

Many times as we go through different seasons of our lives (both the painful ones and the enjoyable ones) we have different expectations on how things should look like in the tomorrow. We will have certain expectations from close friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, children, ministry, career, church, studies, and even our calling.

We soon get to realize that a lot of times the hopes and expectations we had in an intimate relationship, community, a career, or even our calling  are not met. The result is disappointment or other negative emotions like anxiety, anger, or depression.

We are always trying to figure out “how” are we going to get to that particular “desired” place, we give so much thought to how to get there. If in a relationship we are always thinking on how can we get that person to like us more or if in ministry or a career we are always trying to plan ahead and give great thought to the place we want to get.

Now, these things are good, we are to be wise and plan ahead. But when we expect God to come in any particular way, then it is wrong. This is why we always end up disappointed, because we were expecting God to come in a specific situation the way we were expecting Him to come.

As Oswald Chambers wrote: “Do not look for God to come in any particular way, but look for Him.”

Do not look to the “hows”, but “The Who”. Our eyes should be set in Jesus (Heb. 12:2), it is not our business to figure out how He is going to do it. Many times our minds are so set on the hows that we begin to get anxious about tomorrow, specially if that “how” is not coming or did not come to completion.

We have to stop spending time figuring out the “hows” and start spending time on the “Who” and let the “Who” take care of the “how”.

Our devotion is to the “Who”, let Him be the one that surprises you. That is the way He has always worked anyways, He always surprises us in ways that are higher than our own in His appointed time. We simply have to trust Him! Let Him surprise you, even when things are not working the way you EXPECTED.

Our “how” doesn’t matter, because “The Who” knows you more than you will ever know yourself. Therefore our “how” becomes irrelevant… Remember, His best is always better than our best.

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