Getting ahead of God?

The Lord Jesus was always in tune with what the Father was doing. The Bible says He would always be doing what the Father is doing, no more or less; He won’t go ahead of God, neither slack.

In all honesty it is not easy to be in tune with the Father. Sometimes my flesh goes ahead of what God has told me to do.

Many times I would think and say “I am getting ahead of myself over here”, but the reality is that most of the time I am getting “ahead” of God and when that happens I am in danger of harming myself and others in the process.

Sometimes I feel like I am held back… I will have all these visions, gifting, and passions that I simply want to use right away to bless others and I feel that I don’t have a “good enough” platform where I could freely use the gifting the Lord has given me.

I feel entitled to be in “E” when I have not even go through “B”, “C”, and “D”. But then, as a good friend of mine recently told me, “He is not holding you back, He is building you up”.

It is then that I finally came to the realization that the Lord didn’t tell me to impulsively try to find a platform, but instead he has told me to start strengthening the muscles that need immediate attention so that I can eventually get exactly to the place where He needs me to be; a place where I can maturely and fully be used in the passions and gifting He has given me.

And just as God fulfilled His purposes and promises in the lives of Joseph, King David, Abraham, Simeon, and even our Lord Jesus; He will also fulfill His purposes in my life, in His perfect time.

It is in this truth that I simply have to stop myself, take a breath and realize that right now I only need to be obedient with what He has revealed to me and don’t get ahead of Him.

I have realized that God would only reveal the risks that I have to take, but He doesn’t reveal the details that come after taking such risk. It reminds me when God told the Levites through Joshua to set their feet in a flood-stage Jordan River, and only as they set their feet God will open the river to get to the promised land.

He did not open the rivers as they walk towards the river from afar, but only as they set their feet on the waters. And so with us we must trust Him when we set our feet on death-threatening waters, trusting Him that He will indeed part the river, for risk=faith.

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